Association Jeanne Jugan

The Association Jeanne Jugan is comprised of Lay members who are responding to God’s call to practice a committed spiritual life based on the example of St. Jeanne Jugan, foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor. Members have the grace-filled opportunity to exercise their call through service and hospitality to the elderly poor and, on occasion, to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Approved by the Church in 1998, the Association Jeanne Jugan follows the path of “newness and hope” encouraged by Pope John Paul II. St. Jeanne Jugan envisioned hospitality as a humble, fraternal service uniting in one family those who wish to serve Jesus Christ in the person of their elderly brothers and sisters.

Providing a valuable and welcome support, forms of service are diverse and include:

  • tasks of hospitality
  • strengthening pastoral activities
  • assisting in recreational events, and
  • other services for the poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor invite Catholic men and women, eighteen years and older, who are seeking a greater vitality to deepen their faith. After a period of spiritual formation, new members are inducted into the Association in May of each year. For more information, please contact Sister Celestine at